Our commitment

Social participation and commitment is our way to assume the duty that corresponds us with our environment


Our social model, understands people and companies as highly interrelated parts of a system, which also binds to the environment.

As members of that system we work for balance, this means the point where all of the components reach their optimum level of quality of life.

These concepts are part of the foundation of our business plan, we also define and structure our decision process.

A process that is constantly asking three key questions to decide:

  • Adversely affect our performance in the quality of life of other members of the system?
  • Affects positively?
  • Are we favouring the balance of the system?

The first two issues, which we have defined as “passive decision level” and “active decision level” are answered internally with external information.

Third, the “field of cooperative decision” means an answer to the outside, in coordination with other players in the system to correct the imbalances that human activity has generated in the system.

The term “level” implies order and help us not to move to the next level without a satisfactory answer to the above one.

In the third step we have to work together with the rest of the members of the system.

For us, this platform is what we have called “Commitment and social participation”. A place to hear, discuss, decide and work with others.





What defines us as individuals or entities is our knowledge. As a result of the combination of the logic capacity and experience gained, it is the most important we have, our essence.

The essence of our organization is its ability and experience in the world of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), in addition to the field of corporate design and websites development. It is the most valuable thing we can contribute to the environment, and where we can cooperate.


To meet the needs of organizations with which we work, it is essential to open a fluid communication channel with them.

Based on information provided by the organizations, perform an audit of resources both in the use of ICT as regards the development of corporate identity design of the entity and subsequently agreed parameters of cabbage operation.


As a result of the partnership entity can obtain some of our services with discounts that can go up to 100% in exchange for recognition of authorship, so both the entity and the out company benefited from the experience.


Escletxa Digital

Scope. The digital divide

The widespread use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is involving the deconstruction of the economic, social and cultural recent times. In the cultural sphere, but closely related to each other, is where  is the digital divide is, which not only affects the access to culture, but the access to employment and social opportunities.

We speak, therefore, changes hardly comparable with previous ones, and a few technologies (such us sedentary or electrification).

It accelerates our biorhythms, alters the pattern of relationships, systems of production of goods and services, and even alters our brain.